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Showing posts from July 15, 2016

Friday the 13th

I woke up this morning peppy with my visa papers in hand off to the Prefecture to get my visa find the office closed.

Great start to the day.

Though the hours posted on the door state it should have been opened. I am not superstitious but the foggy morning mist was undeniably eery. I sulked on my way to work feeling defeated. Making a list of pros and cons to soothe my bothered soul:
Pros: I live in Paris. I am young and healthy (for the most part).  Note to self: cut down on wine and chocolate intake. Also, get off your fat ass and do some squats. Your bum is starting to match the saggy bags under your eyes. I am surrounded by angels disguised as friends, whom love me. I got a few euros in my pocket. I'm still here. Living, breathing, with a roof overhead, food on the table. And tonight the Christmas markets open to the public!
Cons: IM GETTING MOTHER F#%KING DEPORTED. If ever there was a time to be dramatic, it was today.

I was late to work, almost pissed my pants on the way th…

Still Kickin

Ey babes.
Thanks all of you who had sent me emails! A friendly hello or consoling comment, you rock and I can't wait to meet each of you! The rest of you mother f^*kers...For whatever reason you found yourself here on my page, welcome. Sending virtual bisous your way.  Life is starting to become somewhat normal again. I was no longer living out of a storage unit lacking in electricity, or out of a hotel. Thank God. Through prayer, family, support, and series of miracaculous events, found a home within six days. (Lez be honest, it was all thanks to mom). I was sulking in my cereal box sized apartment when I  recieved a text from Ashley, my old friend whom I had cheered with 10 years ago. Don't act surprised that I was a cheerleader. It's easy to tell from my man shoulders, crooked spine, overexaggerated hand gestures, and the smile that has been permanently engraved into my face for the past 7 years (I can feel the wrinkles forming around my lips already). Ash and I had rekin…