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Help A Brotha Out

Bonjour mes chéries!
Im curently seared to a burnt brown thanks to the first few days of summer. I would be getting on a plane back to Cali tomorrow if I had stuck to the original plan. Fortunately, God had another idea. I am moving today to a small town just minutes away from my current suburb. I will be he nanny of a new family 5 days a week for two weeks (because let's face it, I could use the money). The family consists of two young boys, 5 and 3...And the parents; a hot young gluten free couple. I'm excited about the scenery change. Therefore I will spend this week taking cold showers, packing, and trying to configure the least awkward goodbye I can muster to my current host family. They allowed me to live in their home for the past 6 months....I don't think flowers in a cheap vase will properly suffice. If you have any better ideas please:

This past weekend was bittersweet. Amber, introduced in prior posts, ("A Blonde, Brunette, and a Redhead") bought a one…