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Showing posts from August 30, 2016

"Help Me I'M Poor"

Friday morning I woke up antsy.
I figured I could get my creative juices flowing by visiting my very favorite garden in paris, Palais Royale. It is not the most elaborate, it is not the most historic, or grandest in size. It's quaint and charming. Each square meter is occupied by the most authentic Parisian flare. I took a seat and observed an old woman, (posh as f#%k might I mention) in suede boots, fur coat, and vintage hat that a golfer would wear. A girl could only hope to rock a fur coat the way she did at 80 years old. She was feeding pigeons, young and old lovers alike held hands strolling beneath the trees, and the ever present feeling of love was in the air.

After two hours of wandering, I realized my feet were literally bleeding from both heels... I needed a soy cappuccino, a comfy chair, and some source of dark chocolate. I am starting to see that life is better with little access to wifi, as I had no way of looking up cafes nearby or what YELP would have suggested.  Th…