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Shit hit the fan Wednesday afternoon and had progressively gotten worse and worse. I may or may not be writing this blog from rock bottom. It all started at my immigration appointment to validate my visa, otherwise known as the OFII appointment. ATTENTION: future immigrants of Paris, consider yourself warned. The OFII office is a lot like the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) back home. Most of you Americans already know, the DMV is the hell hole of America. It's where dreams go to die. Like the DMV, this office smelled like a combination of curry, old people, and sweaty armpits. The transparent automatic doors open to reveal a lobby like room. Elevator straight ahead, circular wooden reception desk to my right, directly in front of the desk to my left, lie uncomfortable wooden chairs, and a bundle of three flags that look ancient, acting as decor in the rooms left corner. I am sure there was a plastic fern collecting dust on the receptionist's desk too, if you want to consid…