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Showing posts from September 1, 2016

Suit and Tie

What's hotter than a man in a suit? Not much.... So, you could imagine my excitement when Vincent invited me to visit his office early Tuesday evening.  I was in desperate need of a printer (for immigration bullshit) and any excuse to see him.  I was to meet him at around 7:30 about the time he gets off, so that we could leave his office afterwards to enjoy the evening together.  You may not personally know me. But, I know me.  Therefore, I intentionally left an hour before I was expected, assuming I would most likely get lost somewhere along the way. Turns out I knew myself better than I thought. Thirty minutes of walking around the unfamiliar area on the outskirts of Paris, with no WIFI, I found myself absolutely f#%ked. Looking as stupid as I felt I walked back and forth, around in circles, until an Indian man in his mid-fifties asked me if I could use some help.  Clearly. If he had to ask, I did. Some days getting lost can be an enchanting, spontaneous adventure depending on your attitu…