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Showing posts from October 15, 2016

Friday Night Lights

This week I had barely left the house. The RER express train (my only source of transport) was not operating due to a strike. Apparently, the driver got mugged or something to do with assault and battery, I've heard both stories. So, I'm going to assume it was some scary shit in between.
I was anxious to go outside for some refreshing exercise and scenery change.As I came downstairs, decked out in an 80s inspired workout ensemble, through the glass windows I saw that it was SNOWING!! Delicate lace-like snowflakes descended to the ground like feathers. The little girl in me wanted to twirl around the courtyard singing "My Favorite Things" from the Julie Andrews "Sound of Music". I managed to keep the song in my head but, pranced like a 7-year-old out the door...Holy. F&#k. My boobs were so cold I could have pierced 2 clean holes through all three layers of my thermal long-sleeved shirts. 
I decided this moment would be best cherished from the warmth of our…