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Showing posts from October 31, 2016

Excuse my French

Bonjour mon petite chou's (my little cabbages)!
I am sure you have heard about the terrorist attacks in Paris right now. I won't talk too much about it because:
A. I can't see who reads my blog.  B. I'm scared shitless to say the wrong thing if point A is an accurate concern. C. All of the above
As I write today's post, Hozier is softly serenading me through my speakers. I'm currently spooning three pillows safely barricaded in a fluffy white fortress of comforter while sipping a piping hot espresso concoction that is mystery even to me.  You see each morning I attempt to make myself an espresso shot using a fancy machine that resembles RTD2 (from the movie, Star Wars) I don't know how to use....or pronounce it. The directions are in French. So naturally Instead of translating (ain't nobody got time for that), I resort back to my American ways by wasting no time...or I'm just a lazy ass, but I'll chose to blame America like every other country. …